What are we doing here?

Steve:  "This is where I share images of my art and the back stories and processes behind some of the pieces.  I might slip in some posts about other things from time to time..."

Grenouille:  "While Etienne shares his art, I prefer to share my unique amphibious opinions regarding la condition humaine."

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grenouille flight.jpg

On the taxonomy of Grenouille:

Years ago a good friend asked if Grenouille wasn't actually a toad.  I replied:

"I thought he might be a toad, as well - but we were informed that he was a "grenouille" when in the shop. AND on further consideration I believe his sleakness, back markings, and the webby look of his toes confirm him as a member of the wetter side of hoppy amphibia. So I'm just going with that.

"Besides, I can't picture him half so suave as a toad."